Video Marketing

    Are You Using Videos to Promote Your Local Business?

    Video Marketing is one of the easiest, and most effective ways to generate more attention which leads to more customers and sales. Video marketing is exploding in 2019, so there is no better time for you to use videos to generate more customers.

    Did you know that 80% of people who watch a video are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching that video.

    With a video you can get instant attention and get your message across in less than a minute compared to reading an article or sales page. Millions of people prefer watching a video over reading text.

    Benefits of Using Videos in Your Local Business

    Video Can Be Shared in Multiple Ways. One video can be share on your website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. Videos that stay relevant can bring in customers for years.

    Most Local Businesses are “behind the times” so you will be one of the first if not the first to use a video to market your services.

    Increase Brand Awareness: Stand out with videos and convey your business’s core values in a visually-appealing way.

    Social Media Engagement: Videos are some of the most shared content on social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. A video can be shared hundred of times on social platforms, bringing you more exposure. People love sharing videos.

    Make Your Business Future Proof.  80% of online content is now videos in 2019. That means that by using videos to promote your business you are keeping up with the trends and staying relevant.

    Are You Ready to Start Promoting Your Business Using Videos but Worried about Cost?

    We have a large inventory of pre-made videos for local businesses. These pre-made local business commercials can be branded with your business info.

    This is a very affordable option that we offer as we understand that paying $500 to $1000 per minute is not an option for everyone.

    We have hundreds of pre-made videos in about 100 different industries that we can sell at an affordable price ($129 – $199) which includes your business info in the video.

    These videos have professional voice overs and they are professionally made in different styles.

    We have animated videos, whiteboard videos and kinetic video styles.

    Here are some demos of pre-made videos:

    Real Estate Demo Kinetic Video with Professional Voice Over

    Plumbing Services Whiteboard Animated Video

    Brake Expert Kinetics Animation Video

    Video Ads

    We create short video ads that are used in Social Media. These are short video commercials, usually about 20 seconds that are used as an advertisement. You have probably seen these when you are watching a video on Facebook or Youtube and the video suddenly stops to show a short video commercial in between . Those are video ads, they are used in paid marketing ads with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

    Here are some demos of video ads:

    Real Estate Demo

    Yoga Studio Demo

    Custom Videos

    We can create a custom video in a few different styles. We offer:

    Professional Script Writing

    Professional Voice Over

    Professional Video Creation in Different Styles

    We  work with you to create the perfect message and create a visually appealing video to convey your message and build your brand. Our services are for online digital videos only.

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