Content Marketing

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content Marketing is Created to Connect with Your Audience

    Content marketing is about engaging people with high quality content so you can attract more customers organically by helping them solve a problem and find a solution. It’s about telling stories and sharing ideas that inspire people to seek you out. It’s about educating people and answering questions that solve problems. When you freely share useful content that helps people solve a problem, people are more likely to do business with you. When you share enough useful content an amazing thing happens, people find you and want you to help them.

    Types of Content

    • High quality articles or videos that tell a story, educate or solve a problem.
    • Online news and media press releases that announce a new business, product or service. This creates brand awareness and your content can get picked up and shared by authority websites.
    • Images and infographics that tell a story or give step by step instructions to help the end user.

    How to Share Content

    • Share on your website or blog.
    • Post you content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
    • Post on high authority sites and news sites for great exposure.

    Why You Need Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a vital part of any successful campaign. Today’s consumers demand more transparency before making a purchase. You build a relationship and trust with your customers when you freely share helpful content so they keep coming back. Building a long term relationship with your customers will set you up apart from your competitors. One high quality peace of content like a video or article can bring in customers for the next 10 years effortlessly as long as it’s still relevant. Imagine a video you posted 5 years ago on Youtube is still bringing  visitors . That is the perfect example of the power of content marketing when done correctly.

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